V200 MOD

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V200 Mod
Material: Zinc Alloy
Weight: 165g
Size: 87.5*45*29.2mm
Standby current: < 500 μA
Input voltage: 0-8.4V
Power Range: 5-200 W
Resistance Range: 0.05-3.0 ohms
Charging current: 1.2A

Three Setting Output Mode:Normal,Bypass,V Mode


The Kit Includes
1x V200 Box Mod
1x USB Charging Cable
1x User Manual

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43 reviews for V200 MOD

  1. John

    I wanna buy one i love it

    • augvape

      It’s available now

  2. Itamjunior

    It available?? I want buy 1

    • augvape

      Yes,available now.

  3. Jess

    Loving the v200

  4. Svetlick

    Do you ship to Europe?

    • augvape


  5. khairul

    how much in malaysia?

    • augvape


  6. Riszy A/L Kunasekran

    Hi there, I have one and I accidentally pressed something and the watr isn’t adjustable,but the buttons are working fine.Its stucks in 5.0w in normal and V-mode. How do i solve this problem? Can you help me?

  7. Chan Zheng Wei


    • augvape


  8. effr.e

    Hi, i just got this mod a few days ago and im enjoying it very much, and im wondering will this mod be having a firmware update just like any other mods out in the market and if there’s an update available where can i find it?

    • augvape

      Yes,there is a firmware update.

  9. Carlo Antonio M. Arguelles

    Simple device to navigate. I love how it feels in the hand. Bypass mode allows me to experience the power of a full mech mod but with the safeties of a regulated mode. I wish you could shed light more on the Vmode and what it truly does or achueves when Mod is placed on V Mode. All in all, a great handy and dimple device that delivers what it says it does. Kudos!!!

    • augvape

      Thanks for your feedbacks.

  10. Moodi

    Do you ship to Saudi Arabia?

    • augvape

      Yes,we ship worldwide.

  11. Michael Gregory

    It’s a great mod. I bought the black one.
    *Great looking mod.
    *Solid feel when holding it.
    *Paint looks like it can endure the everyday use.
    *510 connection is awesome can accommodate up to 30mm atomizers.
    *Simple UI and bright easy to read the screen.
    *Very fast firing with the V.MODE which I really like.
    *When I got the device the panel where the screen it was not aligned at the bottom the black shiny thinngy was on top of the usb port. So I have to gently push it then it sat flush.
    *Device gets too hot when chain vaping it. Since its made mostly of metal.
    *With my device, the battery percentage is not accurate. After using it for a long time the percentage went down from 100%-30% so I stopped put the device down. After about an hour or 2 I turned it on then my battery percentage went up to 58% with out me chargin it. That is the first time I experience that in a mod. I hope that there is a software update for that.

    Í love using the device, It was a great buy. I plan to buy more Augvape products. I’m looking for the Boreas V2 to pair it with my V200 mod but unfortunately it is sold out in most of the stores in Manila.

    • augvape

      Thanks for your feedbacks.

  12. frances

    do you ship in Philippines? and how much?

    • augvape

      yes,we ship to Philippines.

  13. Manuel

    I recently bought a red V200 mod and I’m loving the feel and look of the mod. I got a random won’t turn on once, and I just reseated the batteries, maybe it’s just a one off or maybe I didn’t clamp the cover properly or maybe it would be fixed on a firmware update, but overall I love the V200 mod! I’m planning on buying another in the future.

    • augvape

      Thanks for your support!
      I think that was battery problem.

  14. Anjelia

    Nice product. By the way i got v 200 mod with “vtec” written in the front, while i saw everyone get the “v200” written in the front. What does it mean? Still original right?

    • augvape

      Vtec is Chinese version and V200 is English Version.

  15. Carlo

    How much total cost with shipping here in italy

  16. Keith

    i just got mine. the black one 2 days ago. im curious since this is my new mod. and its been a long time since i bought a new one. my last one was not suitable to charge via the usb cable. so now i am kind of afraid. is it okay to charge the v200 via the usb cable or its only for software upgrade?

    anyways. great mod by the way. i love it how it feels while holding it. it feels so solid. durable. and the simplicity! thumbs up augvape!

    • augvape

      Thank you!
      You can charge the batteries by USB.

  17. chukiezvapezero

    nice mod but the quality of paint is not really. easy for scratch the paint colour. please send me where can i find the upgrade software for v200?

  18. KezFoxton

    Absolutely love this mod. Just as good as my asvape michael.

  19. jjbt

    its ok. but i have a problem now. the lcd screen is not working. i cant see anything

  20. Devin K.

    Umm not really a review more of a question really.Is this a Dual 18650?

    • augvape


  21. Hh

    How do you turn it on

    • augvape

      What do you mean?

  22. Muhammad

    I just bought v200 mod red colour,, but why i only have auto mode, bp mode and V mode.. Does it okay?

    • augvape

      It’s OK.Is there other mode?

  23. Josh

    Loved it so much best mod ever.

    Can I charge it through USB ?
    Where can I have the firmware update?

    • augvape

      Yes,you can charge through USB.

  24. Jayden

    My V200 mod’s has lock at 10w i can’t adjust the watt back

  25. Khairil

    Hi there, i’ve purchased your v200 mod. Best looking mod ever & i really love it. However i’ve been curious about 3 mode in my v200. My friend’s v200 has normal, v mode & bp. But mine have auto instead of normal, v mode & bp. Can you tell me why i have 1 different mode?

    • augvape

      maybe yours are different versions

  26. zhongliang

    这个盒子的固件是可以升级的吗 我和我朋友买来的功能不一样

    • augvape


  27. Sean

    I absolutely love this mod! It’s simple, constructed well, and the vmode delivers the flavor. For those asking about the stuck wattage, there is a lock feature that is activated by pressing the fire button and up on the lever simultaneously.

  28. Erdin

    Hello, can i have a upgrade software in this mod? i see other people have auto mode but i haven’t auto mode, just normal, bp & v mode

    • augvape

      Hi.If there is no problem with your device,no need to upgrade it.
      If you still want to upgrade it,maybe you can buy USB cable on our store later.

  29. Syed

    Great mod… How can I get the firmware update. Thanks

    • augvape

      If there is no problem with your device,no need to upgrade it.

  30. dodie

    Hi my Augvape LED screen isn’t working.. It’s still firing but the screen display is blank. Is there a repair for this or should I just buy a new one? Thanks,

  31. Sergey

    greetings. on this mod there is a firmware? or are they planned in the future?

    • augvape

      If there is no problem with the device,no need to update it

  32. Minh nguyen

    Hi, how firmware update??

    • augvape

      If there is no problem with your device,no need to update it

  33. Jonathan Wibowo

    Augvape v200 LCD Screeen problem.
    my screen does not work after one week’s purchase is there any warranty for this item? thankyou

  34. Yuan

    Can i upgrade my v200 box mod version because some time this box mod will auto close it , so can you give me the upgrade version webside for me ?

  35. Desix Wiyoga

    My screen is not working
    After I purchase one month in vapesotre in Indonesia
    Is the a warranty for this product?

  36. Salman


    My v200 won’t fire, the screen says “Atomizer locked”

    how can I fix this?

    • augvape

      Unlock it

  37. Esteban

    Hello there is a firmware available now?

  38. Alex Tonnochy

    Love this mod but the wattage button keeps getting stuck. Only bought it last month. How do I use the warranty? The user manual doesn’t say how to.

  39. Sutan PL

    Please improve firmware so I can customize V200 display.

    • augvape

      Hi,you can’t customize the display by yourself.

  40. Ahmed

    Can i charge it internal ? By huwawi charger ?

    • augvape

      No,I don’t think so.

  41. Aus

    I need help on dealing with the “Atomizer Locked” i don’t know what happen but the overall of the v200 was dope.

    • augvape

      Press fire button and turn down the wattage button at the same time,then you can unlock it.

  42. M.Timothy

    I just got my device 2 days ago, i really love the mod but the battery life indicator is not accurate. After using it for a long time the percentage went up and down. It went from 50% to 48% and went up again to 54%. I hope that there is a firmware or software update for that.

  43. Jordon

    Bought a v200 and it keeps saying the atomizer is locked can anyone help?

    • augvape

      Press fire button and turn down the wattage button to unlock it.

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