First impression is, this thing actually looks pretty cool. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the whole engine theme but I have to say it has a really solid feel and the finish on it looks to be fantastic. I can’t wait to put some batteries in it and see how it actually performs when I take it for a spin. Pun intended.

v200 box mod


I have to give Augvape credit on this one. They really upped their packaging game when it comes to this mod. The V200 is beautifully packaged in a box that is clear on both sides. I like the fact that the box is clear on both sides because you get to see both sides of the mod. I wish more manufacturers would follow suit on their packaging. It’s very nicely done. The V200 also comes with a really nice, braided charging cable.

First impression is, this thing actually looks pretty cool. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the whole engine theme but I have to say it has a really solid feel and the finish on it looks to be fantastic. I can’t wait to put some batteries in it and see how it actually performs when I take it for a spin. Pun intended.


One Augvape V200 Box Mod
One USB Charging Cable
One User Manual

v200 box mod


I’m not going to lie, when I first pulled this mod out of the box, I actually was looking for the fire button. I kept clicking the dial part of the mod thinking that it was the fire button but nothing was happening. They did a really good job in hiding this fire button. They actually made it so seamless that it blends into the screen. I’ll be honest, I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I think I may have preferred the dial to be the fire button because it seems like a more natural position but once you get used to this one, it seems to work really well. It does have a nice, clicky feel to it and it does fire right away.

v200 box mod

Augvape did the 510 connection on this mod right. They put it right in the center and it looks beautiful. Augvape even designed the plate on the 510 connection to look like a rim from a Honda car. The one place where I think they dropped the ball is the fact that the plate itself is not milled into the body of the mod. When you run an oversized atomizer on it, you are going to see a little bit of a gap because the plate sits above the body of the mod. I think they should have taken the extra step and milled it into the body of the mod. They did such a good job of making such a pretty 510 plate but it looks like it was slapped on since they didn’t mill it in. It’s definitely one of the better looking 510 connections I’ve seen lately.

As far as the performance goes, so far, all of my atomizers have read accurately on this mod. It does have a gold plated, spring-loaded 510 connection. It has what I would call a stiff spring with a medium throw. The threading around the 510 connection is stainless steel and very smooth. The V200 will hold a 28mm atomizer without any overhang. You can run a 31 mm atomizer on it and there will be some slight overhang on the back and front of the mod. To be honest, it doesn’t look bad with 30 mm atomizers. When you run a 30 mm atomizer on it, in order to see the overhang, you actually have to look at the mod from the bottom side up.


v200 box mod

Because of the way this mod is shaped, I’m not going to go over it side-by-side like I normally do because I don’t think it would do the mod justice by doing that. It’s basically shaped like a Honda Vtec engine block. They even incorporated the oil cap and made it a toggle that will adjust your wattage up and down. As far as getting the look of the engine block down, I think Augvape did a bang-up job. All around the edges of the mod, it does have the seams of the block as well as the same cutouts that you would find on the engine block. They provide some nice texture and grip when holding the mod.

v200 box mod

On the bottom of the mod is where you will find the battery door. It is a push-down, push-out sort of battery door. It is hinged on the back side and it does have a latch on the front side. On the exterior of the door, there is some Augvape branding. Once you open the door, the interior of it is done in the color blue with an A and B battery label on the door. The battery indicator markings are also clearly marked in white. So far, all of my 18650’s have fit nice snug and I have not torn any of my wraps. The battery door has been very solid with no rattle of the batteries or the door itself. Overall, it’s really well done.

v200 box mod

On the front side, right below the fire button is where you will find the screen for the V200. It is a vertical screen and it does give the vaper plenty of information. I do wish it was a little brighter and it can be tough to view in some outdoor lighting conditions. I think they went a little too heavy with the tint on the screen. On the screen, you will be able to see your mode, wattage, resistance, voltage, puff counter in seconds, and individual battery meters. It’s a simple screen that seems to be laid out very well.

v200 box mod

With the screen facing you, on the right side of the mod is where you will find the toggle switch. It looks like the oil cap of an engine. It has a chrome look and it contrasts very nicely against the body of the mod. Push it up to adjust your wattage up and push it down to adjust your wattage down. It has a nice feel to it and I think it actually would have been a really great location for the fire button as well. I would have liked to have seen something like the Double Barrel fire button on this mod. I think that would have worked out well even though the fire button location is very comfortable exactly where it is. I do like the fact that this mod does scroll in 1-watt increment. I hate mods that scroll in .1-watt increments and I think it’s about time companies start recognizing that and changing it.

v200 box mod

Below the screen is where you will find the charge port. I have not been able to find any information as to whether this mod is firmware upgradable or not. For the purposes of this review, we will assume that it is not because normally, a company will list that as a feature and I have not seen this listed on their website as a feature. That’s definitely going to be a con. Even though it’s only a power mode mod, I still like to see that firmware upgrade feature available just in case there is a problem it can be addressed after the mod hits the retail market. It’s not such a big con because it’s just a power mode mod but I still have to point it out. The other thing I have to point out about the port is it only charges internally at 1.2 amps internally. I just don’t understand why 2 amp charging is not standard right now. There should be no reason to release a mod that charges at under two amps in today’s day in age.


I’m not one of these Fast and Furious car guys but if that is your thing in life, you are definitely going to like this mod. I think they did a good job replicating the VTEC engine on this mod. It does look very authentic. I am also very surprised at how comfortable this mod to hold. When I first took it out of the box, I thought all those edges and seams were going to be uncomfortable to hold. I was very wrong, the edges and seams actually give it some texture and it is quite comfortable to hold on an all day basis. I’ve been using this mod for about a month now and I have to say, I do find myself reaching for it a lot more than I initially thought I would. It’s a comfortable mod but more importantly, it works and it works well.

v200 box mod

On the front of the mod, there is some Augvape and V200 branding in bright red letters. There is also some branding on the battery door and on the back side of the mod, it says designed by B18C-R. I know that’s a reference to the Honda engine but do they really have to plaster it on my mod. The branding is okay but it’s almost to the point of being obnoxious. It stops just short of that but I would definitely have liked to have seen less branding on it.


This is a proprietary chipset by Augvape. It’s a very simple chipset and basically, it has three modes. You have normal mode which is regular wattage mode. You have a bypass mode, which is just straight juice from the battery. You also have V mode which is supposed to cut down on the ramp up time when you are running bigger coils. I don’t see much of a difference between V mode and regular wattage mode but I do notice the ramp up time is definitely significantly decreased when you’re running some monster coils in V mode.

As an example, I ran my Vandy Vape Triple which is a 28mm atomizer on this mod. It’s also an atomizer that takes three coils and sometimes, some of my mods have a hard time ramping this thing up because of the amount of metal that’s actually in the chamber. When I run it on the V200, it wakes that tank up very quickly. So I think the V mode for Augvape is a definite win. The V200 is capable of 200 watts. It will fire down as low as .05 ohms.


Simple chipset, simple menu system is what you have here. Click the fire button three times to enter the main menu mode. Use the toggle switch on the oil cap to scroll through the different modes. There are only three modes which include V mode, bypass mode, and normal mode. Once you land on the mode that you want, you simply hit the fire button. The one thing that I really like about this mod is the fact that every time you screw on a new atomizer, it asks you if it’s a new load or an old load. Push up to say new load and push down to say old load. It does it every single time without fail and I think that’s fantastic.

v200 box mod

The other thing it does every single time without fail is every time you put a new atomizer on, after you are done answering the new load or old load question, it reverts back to 10 watts. That is a huge con and I don’t understand how they were able to release the mod like this. It is one of the most annoying features of this mod and I really do hope that this mod is updatable and that they can fix it. Although, I am not holding my breath, I just don’t understand how you can release a mod that knocks you down to 10 watts every time you change atomizers? Bad move on Augvape’s part.

The V200 does have a screen dim function. So if you hold the toggle down while pressing the fire button, it will dim the screen. It also has a lock feature that activates when you push the toggle button up and hold the fire button. This will lock the toggle switch but you will still be able to fire the mod.


I think it actually vapes real nice. If you’re a power mode only vaper, then you’re definitely going to like this mod. For a regulated mod, it hits hard and it hits fast especially in V mode. It’s just a very simple mod that works very well. Because V Mode works so well, I’ve actually had my Triple by Vandy Vape on it for quite some time now. I think that tank pairs really nice with this mod. It allows you to run three monster coils and you don’t have to worry about ramp up time, if you run it in V mode. I also think the battery life on it is pretty decent. I’ve been getting really good battery life so far.


Get Rid Of The 10 Watt Default
Brighter Screen
Should Have Been Slightly Wider To Accommodate 30 mm Atomizers

I just don’t understand what they were thinking when they decided to revert this thing back to 10 watts by default every time you put a new atomizer on it. It is got to be one of the most annoying functions I have ever had on any mod in my life. Why would you do that? It is exactly for situations like this why every mod needs to be firmware upgradeable.

The screen on this mod definitely needs to be brighter. It can be a real bother if you use it in outdoor lighting conditions, when the sun is bright. It actually kind of makes me laugh that they included a dim feature because I think even at its brightest setting, the screen is just a little too dim for me.

I just don’t understand what these companies are thinking half the time. Why go all the way up to 28 mm and not take the extra step and have this thing hold 30 mm atomizers? It literally would have taken about a millimeter more on each side and you would have had a dual battery mod that can accommodate 30mm atomizers with no overhang. Sometimes, I think some of these companies just aren’t listening to the consumers. They did the right thing by making a beautiful 510 connection and centering it. Why didn’t they just go the extra mile and make it slightly larger?


I have to say, for all its little flaws and annoying little features, I do find myself using this mod quite often. The cons really do not affect the vape quality and they are more annoying than truly bothersome. I do like the way it feels in my hand and I like the vape quality that I get off of it. It seems to be very solidly built and so far, the finish has been holding up beautifully. If you’re a power mode user and you’re into that Fast and Furious sort of lifestyle, this mod will definitely appeal to you. It’s a great performer and I have no problem recommending it. This one is DeucesJack approved.