Intro and Specs for the Augvape Lyfe

One of my first advanced vaping atomizers was a Tugboat RDA, so seeing the imprinted tugboat imprint on the body of the Augvape Lyfe pod mod system brought me back to the old days. In fact, the words “Tuglyfe” sit at the bottom of the device, but that’s where the similarities end. Where the Tugboat was a finicky, early model RDA, the Lyfe pod system is about as simple as vaping gets.

Is it a genre-defining device? Not really. Is it a JUUL-killer? Also a no… unlessAugvape is prepared to enter every convenience store in America. But what the Augvape Lyfe happens to be is a straightforward, easy to use, smartly designed, refillable pod mod that won’t let you down if you’re a fan of the format.

Let’s go to the official specs to take a closer look. Using some “official” info from our friends atElement Vape, the Augvape Lyfe is an innovative pod system featuring an integrated 300mAh rechargeable battery, draw-activated firing mechanism, and a sleek matte metallic-finished, zinc-alloy chassis. The 300mAh rechargeable battery can last through various vape sessions and can power the Lyfe, maximizing the output to an ultra-low 7.6 watts to vaporize today’s popular eLiquid or nicotine salts with ease.

Plus, Lyfe offers a slew of built-in protections like short-circuit, over-charge and discharge protection to keep things safe and simple. With no buttons or displays to get in the way, ex-smokers will feel right at home with this decidedly old-school look and feel.


Augvape Lyfe (Tuglyfe) Pod Mod Specs:

Integrated 300mAh Rechargeable Battery
Maximum Wattage Output: 7.6W
Voltage Output Range: 3.3-4.2V
Resistance Range: 2.0ohm
Draw Activated Firing Mechanism
LED Battery Indicator Light
Sleek Matte Finish Design
0mL Refillable Pod Capacity
Magnetic Connection
Bottom Fill System – Silicone Stoppered
Short Circuit Protection
Over-Discharge Protection
Over-Charge Protection
Low Voltage Protection
Micro-USB Port
Available in Black, Red, and Silver

Augvape Lyfe (Tuglyfe) Pod Mod Kit Contents:

1 Augvape Tuglyfe Pod System
2 Augvape Tuglyfe Replacement Pods
1 Micro-USB Cable
1 Instruction Manual


It almost seems silly to include an “aesthetics” section, considering how streamlined the Lyfe really is. While some pod mods have begun to include visual enhancements, fire buttons, LED light displays or wild body shapes, Augvape has decided to make the Lyfe closely resemble a traditional smoking experience, without going full “cig-a-like” in its design.

But for those looking for a subtle, no-nonsense vape device that is hefty enough to ensure confidence, but compact enough to stow away in a shirt pocket, the Lyfe makes a strong first impression. My matte black test model looked like a large USB drive, but I enjoyed the lack of unnecessary flair. Sometimes, less really is more.

One thing worth noting – this is NOT a multipurpose vape mod. Some pods try to appeal to sub-ohm newbies or airflow junkies. Not here. The Lyfe pods come in at a verysnug 2.0 ohms, with a maximum power output of just under 8 watts. In short, this is a mouth-to-lung (MTL) only mod, focused on flavor and satisfaction, not room-filling vapor.

Standout Features


Yeah, none of that is evident on the Lyfe. Within milliseconds of taking a very light draw, your mouth will be greeted by a rush of potent flavor and warm, thin vapor. The activation time is impressive, even when the battery is at a lower charge level, giving users a surprisingly authentic smoking sensation.

The flavor? Well, let’s get to that in the next section…

Vaping the Augvape Lyfe Pod Mod System

Let’s call this part of the review “Beauty Meets the Beast.” First, the pretty part… the absolutely killer flavor performance.

I’ve vaped more pod mods than I care to mention, but only a precious few ever produced flavor like this. The Lyfe is one of the most intense, concentrated blasts of flavor I’ve enjoyed in some time, which has me coming back to the Lyfe a lot more than I would for most other pod systems.


And it’s a gift that keeps on giving – both of the 2.0-ohm pods included in the box offered tremendous longevity, maintaining strong flavor long after most pod systems throw in the towel. Both of my test pods lasted roughly 7-8 days a piece, delivering on the flavor promise right until the ends of their life cycles.

Maybe a week isn’t much in the grand scheme of vaping atomizers, but for high resistance pods getting a healthy workout each day, I’m impressed.

But every yin has a yang, and this is a pretty bad yang – the atrocious battery life. While the pods offer longevity and performance we only dreamed with cig-a-likes, the 300mAh integrated battery reminds us of those days, in all the wrong ways. On a full charge (which happens mercifully quick) I was able to get less than two hours of moderate vaping before the LED indicator did its thing. Slowing down to a more realistic pace for ex-smokers, it still barely eked out another 20 minutes.

That might be the only knock I have on the device. But it’s a big one that might affect people’s buying decisions.

That aside, the Lyfe pod mod system is smooth, flavorful, potent (especially with the intended nic salt juices in the tank) and satisfying. That’s all the check boxes a person can want from an entry-level pod mod device, and the Lyfe delivers.


– Amazing flavors
– True, authentic MTL vaping
– Subtle and understated


– Battery life
– Battery life
– Constantly swearing about battery life