The Augvape AIO All-In-One Kit Review – Augvape has had a hell of a month, with three new releases scheduled for review by yours truly. The first was the hit or miss VX200, which tried to blend lightweight disposability with 200-watt performance, to mixed results. I’m also weighing in on the Augvape LYFE pod mod in the next few days. But this kit – the Augvape AIO – is aimed at entry-level vapers, but has a much more “permanent” feel to the proceedings.

This compact, curvy all-in-one (hence the name “AIO”) device looks like a cross between a vape pen and a nose hair trimmer, but looks can be deceiving… kinda like we learned after giving the mod a test run this past week.

Let’s go to the tale of the tape to see if the Augvape AIO is a good choice for beginning vapers, or those  just looking to simplify their collections.

Augvape AIO Starter Kit Specs:

  • 5mm Wide
  • 5mm Total Height
  • 1,500 mAh Battery
  • Micro USB Charging
  • Built-In 2.0ml Tank Capacity
  • 10mm by 2mm Dual Airflow Adjustment
  • 5 ohm Replacement Coils
  • Top Fill Capability
  • Threaded Top Cap
  • Single Button Operation
  • 5 Second Continuous Firing Time
  • Five Clicks On/Off
  • Low Battery Voltage Protection/Short Circuit Protection/Over Current Protection

Augvape AIO Starter Kit Contents:

  • 1x Augvape AIO Device
  • 2x 0.5 ohm Coils
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Booklet

Okay, maybe I was a little harsh with the “nose hair trimmer” comment earlier, but there’s no doubting that the AIO is definitely an acquired visual taste. While some will enjoy the smooth lines and comfortable hand feel, others will be a little put off by the bowed-out mid-section and weird angles.

Augvape AIO Starter Kit ReviewWhat ISN’T up for debate is how solid and well-made the AIO really is. Unlike the VX200, the AIO is hefty, balanced and extremely durable, even putting up with several drops onto hard surfaces without a whimper. From the A-1 paint finish to the smooth threaded top cap and outstanding fire button, there’s nothing on this inexpensive device that feels cheap or under-produced.

Plus, the integrated tank/window setup is arguably the best of its kind, giving users a clear view of how much e-liquid remains, without having to look through cloudy plastic (pod mods) or by adding real estate (pretty much all other vape mods).

That said, the AIO is more than a glorified pod mod system. Instead, Augvape gave this kit a fully replaceable coil system, that is easily replaced without having to sacrifice liquid or dismantling the entire device. It’s a simple, smart format that more companies should consider with their pen-style vape mods.

I know we just discussed it, but it’s worth reiterating just how good this integrated coil system is. Even newbies will have little trouble figuring out how to install, prime and replace these mesh coils, and that includes doing so with a full tank of liquid. The simple screw-on top cap allows for effortless refilling and coil swapping, with an opening large enough for any reasonably sized bottle.

Augvape AIO Starter Kit ReviewThe tank seems larger than its stated 2mL capacity, but it’s hardly a concern. With moderate vaping, I found the AIO’s coils to be extremely frugal on liquid, with a single fill lasting me a good chunk of a workday before needing a refill. And that’s with some impressive vapor production, to boot! Both of these sub-ohm heads are a little snugger than the garden-variety cloud chucking coil, but well above the restrictive pod mod experience. Both MTL and sub-ohm vapers should find something to like here.

And they last a good long while, too! Both of the included coils gave me well over a week of steady, flavorful performance, using thinner and thicker e-liquids alike. I don’t recommend using nic salt juices here, since the sub-ohm resistance and loose airflow could lead to some uncomfortable draws at those nic levels.

But all of my standard juices, from 50/50 blends to max-VG varieties all filled and wicked well with the AIO coils. In short, if you’re looking for a more productive, foggy vape than you get with pod mods, but don’t want to sacrifice convenience or portability, take a long look at the Augvape AIO, since these coils tend to cater to numerous audiences.

One item worth noting – several online descriptions claim that the two included mesh coils are 0.5 ohms each. But my test model came with a pair of 0.6-ohm heads instead. Not sure it will matter much to this target audience, but all the same, accuracy is king, retailers – let’s get this right.

Augvape AIO Starter Kit ReviewEven though it’s “just” a 1,500mAh battery, I loved how long-lasting the AIO is on a single charge, and how quickly the device recharges using the included USB cable/port system. My only wish is that the mod offered passthrough capabilities – kind of an odd omission for a device of this type.

When first filling and priming the AIO coils, I noticed a slight cottony undertone, even with the strong fruit flavor of my chosen e-liquid. It takes 1-2 refills before the coil truly breaks in, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for instant gratification. Once the coils do break in, though, it’s flavor heaven, with rich, nuanced layers evident in even the simplest formulations.

And with the potent, fast-ramping chipset, the AIO allows you to get near-instant bursts of flavor and thick vapor without taxing the 1,500mAh battery too hard. Sure, as the device loses some oomph, so does the flavor. But that’s to be expected on a direct wattage mod like this. And it’s only really at the very end of a charge cycle that the flavor and potency noticeably drop off the table – something you’ll be able to rectify pretty quickly if you’re near a USB port.

Cloud production is awfully impressive for a mod that maxes at 30 watts of output. But these coils were designed for sub-ohm performance at low wattages, and the combination really sings without requiring too much power draining the cell.

As expected, closing off the airflow and using the device as more of an MTL device helps slow down battery drain, but ultimately, this is a moderate sub-ohm mod, disguised as an entry-level pen vape. Keep this in mind if buying one for an ex-smoker in your life.

Pros:Augvape AIO Starter Kit Review

– Excellent battery performance

– Long-lasting coil system

– Sub-ohm vaping in a miniature package

Spinfuel VAPE Recommendation and Score

Overall, even with a slight identity crisis, the Augvape AIO is a recommended purchase for newcomers to advanced vape devices, or beginners with slightly cloudier expectations. While this sub-ohm setup isn’t going to necessarily suit new vapers looking for a smoking-like sensation, Augvape nonetheless packs a ton of flavor and longevity into a discreet, compact, high-performing package.